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Lighting the Pilot Burner


Read the appliance manufacturer’ s lighting instructions before attempting to light the pilot burner. The basic procedure for lighting a pilot is as follows:

1. Turn the room thermostat to its lowest setting.
2. Shut off the main gas supply to the main burner and the pilot burner.
3. Allow at least 5 minutes for the unburned gas to vent.
4. Light the pilot burner in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s lighting instructions.

Venting the unburned gas (step 3) is very important. This is especially true for LP gas because it is heavier than air and will not vent upward naturally. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that the appliance is properly venting any unburned gas.

Appliance and pilot burner manufacturers provide very detailed lighting instructions for their equipment. Moreover, the development of various types of combination gas controls has simplified the lighting procedure and increased the safety factor.

Installing a Pilot Burner


Always follow the manufacturer’ s instructions when installing a new pilot burner. Read these instructions very carefully before beginning any work.

If no installation instructions are available, the following location and mounting requirements should be carefully observed:

1. Choose a location for the pilot burner that provides easy access, observation, and lighting.
2. Rigidly affix the pilot burner to the main burner. Other mounting surfaces should not be used (see Figure 5-60).
3. Mount the pilot burner so that the flame is properly positioned
with respect to the main burner flame (see Figure 5-61).

rigidly affix pilot burner Installing a Pilot Burner

A pilot flame should never be exposed to falling scale, which could impair the ignition of the main burners. Furthermore, the flame should not be exposed to draft conditions or to sudden puffs of air sometimes caused by igniting or extinguishing the main burner. Always provide an ample air supply free of contaminating products of combustion.

pilot burner flame Installing a Pilot Burner