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  1. I have a Honeywell AQ 6000 system which needs a trouble shooting expert – it suddently not firing up the boiler which works perfectly if the AQ6000 is shorted out.
    Can you please recommend an expert in London E1 for me? Thanks

  2. I have T87F thermostats.Your Information was very helpful. Can I use the same calibration procedure to make one thermostat operate between, 40 degrees to 80 degrees, instead of,50degrees to 90 degrees, so that I can use my gas fire as a protection against home freezing encase my heating furnace fails in the winter when I am traveling. I usually leave my house/furnace thermostat at 50 degrees and I would like to set the gas fire/thermostat at say 40 degrees to come on if the furnace fails.

  3. I am trying for fire burner in closed combustion chamber but it doesnt fire so could you let me know how it can be done.

  4. I ask for help:
    where can I buy for spare only the
    hydraulic sensor and actuator is illustrated in Figure 4-37.
    Thank you

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