Honeywell AQ 6000 Installation

The AQ 6000 is an outside temperature compensator system for use in domestic properties and can be used on new installations or to upgrade existing systems, making use of existing valves that may be installed.The AQ 6000 is available in three packs – an Upgrade pack, a Standard pack or a Modulating pack. The Modulating pack is for use on boilers of 90000–150000BTU and provides control of the heating circuit by modulating a mixing valve. There are five systems – A, B, C, D and E. Systems D and E use the modulating mixing valve and are not shown.

The AQ 6000 consists of a control unit, a room unit and outside, water supply and domestic hot water sensors. All wiring is terminated in the control unit along with boiler, pump and any valve wiring.

A built-in start-up operating sequence allows the system wiring to be tested. Before turning on power to the system, remove the room unit from its mounting bracket.Turn on the power and the control unit will power the valve, pump and boiler.

When the system is operational actual temperatures can be displayed on the room unit.When the green enquiry button is pressed, ‘T1’ will be displayed at the left side of the display and the temperature in °C on the right. Repeated use of this button will display other system temperatures.The codes are listed in Table 11.1.To restore the display to its normal operation press the enquiry button repeatedly until the ‘T’ is no longer displayed and in its place is the current weekday number.

When the room unit is connected and the supply switched on, an indication of any faults within the system can be displayed by pressing any four buttons on the unit. A fault code is displayed as an ‘F’ followed by a number. The different numbers correspond to the faults listed in Table 11.2. No ‘F’ on the display means that no fault has been observed by the controller.To clear the fault code, press any button.