Danfoss Randall BEM 5000 Boiler Energy Manager

The BEM 5000 is an electronic control, which, when added to almost any central heating system, reduces unnecessary boiler cycling and improves boiler seasonal efficiency. It is compatible with most popular control systems including radiator thermostats, programmers, motorized valves and even room thermostats, although in systems having radiator thermostats it is recommended that the room thermostat be turned up to maximum or rewired as frost thermostats. Radiator thermostats are recommended, but are not mandatory. If they are fitted, then a by-pass valve should be fitted. If it is impractical to fit a by-pass valve, then one radiator should be left uncontrolled.

The BEM 5000 measures outdoor temperature and varies the temperature of water flowing to the radiators accordingly. This significantly improves boiler performance. A water temperature sensor is used to monitor temperature of water returning to the boiler. Any change in load on the system is measured and the boiler is controlled accordingly. To minimize energy loss from the boiler case and flue, the pump runs on after the boiler has stopped, circulating all useful heat to the system. When no more heat can be extracted, the pump is stopped. The BEM 5000 integrates the operation of heating and hot water. During periods of hot water demand, water temperature flowing to both water and heating circuits is boosted to boiler thermostat settings to ensure rapid recovery. Figures 11.4 and 11.5 show the BEM 5000 wired into a fully pumped system, one with two 2-port motorized valves and one with a 3-port, mid-position valve. It can also be utilized on a combination boiler.

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  1. We have had this system for long time, now the compensator is not working, in fact just turned it off and still on. I mean the heating will not turn off at control panel. We do not know who to contact and British gas Engineer is going to have a look at it. think we will do away with this system and just have thermostat which have never had…The new Hive system looks good from British Gas…

  2. Sir I have problem to control the compressor but two power supply 1is the phrase & nutrul
    &2is the 24v DC for PLC fidback but how to wiring for PLC fidback please send me proper solutions what I need

  3. I have been using the BEM controllers for 20 years and find it a brilliant system.
    saves a fortune in gas and maintains the house at a comfortable temperature in all weather conditions automatically

  4. Can anyone can give me a description of the circuitry logic for the BEM 5000. The CH channel is not functioning – sounds like one of the power relays is chattering. Only brief power to the pump or boiler. The only way to get flow and heat in the CH system is to switch on the HW at the programmer and set the boiler stat low to prevent the HW cylinder stat cutting in. No one at Danfoss is able to assist.

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