ACL FP Programmers

(a) Fully pumped 2 x 2 port motor open/close valves links 4–9, 5–7
(b) Fully pumped 2 x 2 port spring return valves, 1 x 3-way mid-position valve, Satchell Duoflow Switchmaster Midi and Drayton Flowshare link 1–4–9 and 5–7
(c) Tower or ACL Biflo mid-position valve link 1–4–9
(d) Terminal 3 is a spare terminal

Electromechanical 24 hour Full programmer
Clock module available as a spare.
On/off x 4
H106 x W113 x D65
Switch rating 6A

One Reply to “ACL FP Programmers”

  1. Hi,
    I have an ACL FP programmer and it’s wired exactly per your diagram above
    ie. L1, N2, HWon 6, HWoff 8, CHon 10 [with only 5 connections into the 11 terminals]
    I have a Centaur C27 replacement and according to the Horstmann Programmer Compatibility Guide I intend to connect logically:
    ie. N 2, L1, HWoff 8, CHoff – , HWon 6, CHon 10, Spare –
    My questions are please:
    (1) Is this OK?
    (2) I’ve checked the wires back and the wiring into 10 [CHon] goes back to the boiler, and the wires 6 [HWon] and 8 [HWoff] go back to the pump. Is this usual please, because the wiring diagrams suggest that the programmer’s CH terminals normally go back to the pump and the HW terminals normally go back to the boiler?
    Many thanks,
    Kind regards

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