RG150T6N – ScreenLok Flame Arrestor Cleaning

Step 1. Rotate knob of combination thermostat gas valve to the off position.
Step 2. Remove the outer jacket door.
Step 3. Remove inner door per Service Procedure RG-I, Steps 3a through 3e.
Step 4. Disconnect the main burner feed line, pilot tube, and thermocouple/thermopile from combination thermostat gas valve and remove burner assembly from the combustion chamber.
NOTE: Feedline nut for natural gas control uses right hand threads; L.P. control uses left hand thread.
Step 5. Clean ScreenLok ® Flame Arrestor using stiff brush and compressed air to remove any scale or other debris accumulation. Using a soft brush, clear jacket openings of any dirt, dust, restrictions, or other obstructions.
Step 6. Remove any debris from burner assembly per Service Procedure RG-V and reinstall burner assembly into combustion chamber.
Step 7. Reconnect feedline, thermocouple, and pilot tube to the combination thermostat/gas valve.
Step 8. Reinstall inner door per Service Procedure RG-I.
step 9. To resume operation, follow the instructions located on the lighting instruction label or the lighting instruction located in the Installation and Operation Manual.