Step 1. Turn off gas supply to water heater. Rotate the knob of gas control/gas valve to the “OFF” position.
Step 2. Remove the outer jacket door.
Step 3. Remove right side of inner door per Service Procedure RG-I, Steps 3a through 3c.
Step 4. Disconnect thermocouple/thermopile, pilot tube, and feedline from gas control/gas valve.
NOTE: Feedline nut for natural gas control uses right hand threads, L.P. control uses left hand thread.
Step 5. Disconnect piezo ignition wire from piezo igniter.
Step 6. Remove burner assembly from the combustion chamber.
Step 7. Remove the pilot/electrode assembly from the feedline.
Step 8. Inspect pilot for the following:
a) Primary air openings for blockage. Must be free from any debris (dirt, lint, etc.).
b) Kinks or cracks in the pilot tube. If found, the pilot must be replaced.

Step 9. Inspect pilot orifice (Honeywell ONLY):
a) Remove 7/16″ nut from bottom of pilot assembly.
b) Remove pilot tube and pilot orifice.
c) Inspect pilot orifice for blockage, must be cleaned or replaced. (Honeywell & White Rodgers Electronic pilot orifice not replaceable, replace pilot assembly).

Step 10. Install pilot/electrode assembly to feedline, secure with screw from Step 7.
Step 11. Re-install burner assembly into combustion chamber, connect feedline, pilot tube and thermocouple/thermopile to gas control/gas valve.
Step 12. Install inner door per Service Procedure RG-I, “Installation of Inner Door with Gasket.”
Step 13. To resume operation, follow the instructions located on the lighting instruction label or the lighting instructions located in the Installation and Operation Manual.