With the pilot not in operation (no pilot flame) you can check the piezo and electrode circuit by viewing pilot
through the sight glass located on the inner door and observing the spark action.

Step 1. Remove the outer jacket door.

Step 2. Repeatedly depress the piezo igniter while viewing the pilot through the sight glass.
If a spark is present, the circuit is O.K.. If there is no spark, proceed to Step 3.

Step 3. Remove orange (or white) wire from piezo igniter and install a jumper wire in its place.
Hold the other end of the jumper by the wire insulation or using an insulated tool, next to an unpainted surface such as the feedline or gas valve and depress the piezo igniter. If there is a spark, the igniter is O.K., the pilot is not functioning and must be replaced (see Service Procedure RG-III for pilot replacement). If no spark is present the igniter is not functioning and must be replaced.

Step 4a.For White Rodgers Mechanical gas valves: To replace the igniter, disconnect orange wire from piezo igniter. Use a flat-head screwdriver under piezo bracket and gently pry bracket from the front of the gas valve and unhook the bracket from rear of the gas valve.

Step 4b.For Honeywell gas controls: To replace the igniter, see the Honeywell ONLY information in Service Procedure RG-VI.