RG150T6N – OPEN CIRCUIT THERMOPILE TESTING (Honeywell & White Rodgers Electronic)

Step 1.
Turn knob to pilot position and depress.
Step 2.
Continue pressing knob and remove the red (+) wire from resettable thermal door switch.
Step 3.
Using a multimeter capable of measuring millivolts, connect the positive side of the multimeter to the terminal of the resettable thermal switch. Connect the negative side of the multimeter to any earth ground location (jacket base, screw, etc.). Normal thermopile operation will be between 350mV – 850mV.

Step 4. If reading is less than 350mV, resettable thermal switch must be tested. Refer to Service Process RG-III. If resettable thermal switch is closed, replacement of pilot assembly is recommended following Service Procedure RG-III.

Step 5. If thermopile reading is between 350mV – 850mV, reconnect red wire to positive (+) terminal of the gas control.

Step 6. Release the gas control knob and turn to desired setting to resume normal operation.