RG150T6N – MAIN BURNER: Inspection, Adjustment, Cleaning and Replacement

At periodic intervals (not more than 6 months) a visual inspection should be made of the main burner for proper operation and to ensure no debris accumulation.
Main burner should light smoothly from pilot and burn with a blue flame with a minimum of yellow tips.
Steel burner models have a self-adjusting air mixture and do not have an adjustable air shutter.
Main burner must be free from any debris accumulation that may affect burner operation (see burner cleaning procedure on page 36).

Step 1. Remove inner door assembly per Service Procedure RG-I, Steps 1 through 3c.
Step 2. Disconnect the main burner feed line, pilot tube and thermocouple/thermopile from combination thermostat gas valve and remove burner assembly from combustion chamber.
NOTE: Feedline nut for natural gas control uses right hand threads; L.P. control uses left hand thread.
Step 3. Thoroughly inspect burner surface area and burner ports and remove any loose debris accumulation.

Step 4. Disconnect the burner plate from main burner orifice and disconnect feedline from burner.

Step 5.Remove main burner orifice from feed line.
Inspect and clean if necessary.

Step 6. Remove pilot assembly, refer to Service Procedure RG-III for cleaning and inspection.
Step 7. Using a stiff brush and compressed air, clean the burner plate and feedline, then reassemble all components.
Step 8. Inspect combustion chamber area of heater prior to reinstallation of burner assembly. If cleaning is required, refer to Service Procedure RG-VIII.
Step 9. Reinstall burner assembly into combustion chamber, reconnect feedline, thermocouple and pilot tube to the combination thermostat/gas valve.
Step 10. Reinstall inner door per Service Procedure RG-I.
Step 11. To resume operation, follow the instructions located on the lighting instruction label or the lighting instructions located in the installation and operation manual.