RG150T6N – Inner Door Removal Procedure

Step 1.
Rotate knob of the combination thermostat/gas valve
to the “OFF” position.

Step 2.
Remove the outer jacket burner access door.

Step 3.
Inner Door Removal:
a) Disconnect resettable thermal switch wire leads (leading from gas
control/gas valve).
b) Remove two (2) 1/4” hex drive screws from right side inner door.
c) Remove two (2) 1/4” hex drive screws from flange section of inner door.
d) Remove two (2) 1/4” hex drive screws from left side inner door.
e) Remove inner door and inspect per Step 4.

Step 4.
Fully inspect inner door gaskets for the following:
Gasket adhesion to inner door
Missing material
Material left on combustion chamber (around opening)
Other imperfections that will inhibit proper seal
Dirt or debris

If the gasket is not affected by any of the above, gasket replacement is not required. If replacement is required, proceed to Inner Door Gasket Replacement Procedure.