Step 1. Disconnect the burner and pilot tubes per Service Procedure RG-II.
Step 2. Remove the valve body by removing the screw located at the lower left corner. Unclip the lower right side from the backplate first, followed by the lower left side, using a flat-head screwdriver.

Step 3. Remove the temperature sensor and insertion stick from the backplate by first removing the wire from the temperature sensor wire routing clips. Make note of the insertion stick?s orientation, as the insertion stick can only be installed in one way.

Step 4. Remove the temperature sensor from the insertion stick by pulling apart as illustrated below.

Step 5. To reassemble the gas control, follow the previous steps in reverse order. Once the gas control is reassembled, the burner assembly is reinstalled, and the gas supply line is reconnected, resume water supply to the water heater. Be sure the tank is full of water before relighting.
Step 6. To resume operation, follow the instructions located on the lighting instruction label, or the lighting instructions located in the Installation and Operation Manual.

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