RG150T6N – Honeywell V2 Gas Control Troubleshooting Chart

Observe colored LED indicator on gas control. Status flash codes are displayed with a three second pause before repeating. Check and repair the system as noted in the troubleshooting table below.

LED Status Control Status  Probable Cause  Service Procedure
None (LED not on  or flashing) Millivolt power is not  present. Light pilot. Gas valve is functioning  

normally. Gas valve is not  powered. Light pilot.

If the pilot will not stay lit  replace pilot assembly. If  problem persists, replace  gas control.
One flash every  four seconds 

(LED green)

Not an error. Indicates  pilot is lit and main  burner is off. The knob can be turned to a  desired setpoint temperature.  Normal operation.
One flash every  second  

(LED green)

Not an error. Indicates  main valve is open and  main burner is lit. None. Control will automatically  shut main burner off when water  temperature reaches the setpoint  temperature. Normal operation.
Two flashes and  three second  

pause (LED  


Low thermopile voltage; main valve not turned on. Check thermopile and its  

connections. Check pilot flame.

1. See Service Procedure IV 2. See Service Procedure II 3. See Service Procedure II
Four flashes and  three second  

pause (LED red)

Temperature cut-out  limit reached, causing  shutdown. Check the valves and the water  temperature sensor. Reduce the  water temperature setpoint.  Verify control operation, replace  if exceeding setpoint. Replace gas control.
Five flashes and  three second  

pause (LED red)

Electronics, sensor, or gas valve fault detected. Check water temperature sensor  and its connection for open  circuits, shorts, or differences in  resistance between the two  sensor elements. Replace gas control.
Solid ON 

(LED red)

Not an error–indicates  that the control is in OFF  position. None; wait until LED turns off if  you want to restart system. LED will go out and the  control will function normally  once the pilot is lit.


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