Step 1. Rotate the knob of combination thermostat/gas valve to “OFF” position.
Step 2. Turn off cold water supply to the water heater. Connect a hose to the drain spigot of the water heater and route to an open drain. Open a nearby hot water faucet to vent the heater for draining.
Open drain spigot of the water heater and allow the heater to drain to a point below the inlet connection nipple.
Step 3. Disconnect the inlet nipple from plumbing system.
Step 4. With an appropriate wrench, remove the inlet nipple/dip tube from the water heater. Use caution to not damage pipe threads.
Step 5. Visually inspect inlet nipple/dip tube. Inlet nipple/dip tube should be free of cracks and any blockage. Hydro-jets located near the bottom of the dip tube should be open and free of any blockage. The anti-siphon hole, located approximately 6 in from the bottom of nipple, should be free of any blockage.
Any damage such as cracks, restriction due to deformation or unintentional holes are not field repairable and the inlet nipple/dip tube must be replaced.
Step 6. Upon completion of inspection or subsequent replacement, reinstall the inlet nipple/dip tube into the
heater. Ensure pipe dope is used on the nipple?s threads. Connect the nipple to the plumbing system, resume the water supply, and refill the heater with water.
Step 7. To resume operation, follow the instructions located on the lighting instruction label or the lighting instructions located in the Installation and Operation Manual.

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