Replacing the Pilot Burner Orifice

The procedure for replacing a pilot burner orifice depends on whether it is a spud or an insert orifice. For a Honeywell spud orifice, the procedure is as follows:

1. Disconnect the gas supply tubing from the pilot burner.
2. Unscrew the spud orifice and throw it away.
3. Remove any burrs from the tubing and square off the ends.
4. Remove the one-piece nut and ferrule from the new assembly and slip them over the tubing.
5. Install the new assembly in the pilot burner and tighten securely.
6. Push the tubing (along with the nut and ferrule) into the burner as far as it will go and engage the nut.
7. Tighten the nut by hand until it will turn no further. Use a wrench to make one final turn.

The connection in step 7 should be tight enough to prevent any gas leakage. Do not tighten it too much or you will run the risk of stripping the threads. Try not to bend the tubing near the fitting after the nut has been tightened.

As shown in Figure 5-59 the procedure for replacing an insert orifice presents no serious problems. The gas supply tubing must first be disconnected from the pilot burner by unscrewing the compression fitting. The small insert orifice can then be removed. Sometimes a light tap on the pilot burner bracket will be required to dislodge the orifice.

Place the new orifice on the end of the gas tubing and insert both the orifice and tubing into the pilot burner. Tighten the compression nut until it is secure. Use the same procedure described for tightening a spud orifice.