Vaporizing (Pot-Type) Oil Burners

Figures 1-19 and 1-20 show a typical vaporizing (pot-type) oil burner. The fuel oil is vaporized for combustion by heating it from below. The vaporized fuel oil rises vertically where it is burned at the top. The following are the two basic types of vaporizing, or pot, oil burners:

1. The natural-draft pot burner.
2. The forced-draft pot burner.

In the former, the air necessary for combustion is provided by the chimney. The forced-draft pot burner relies on both the chimney and a mechanical device (e.g., a fan) for the air supply.

Sleeve burners (also referred to as perforated sleeve burners) represent a third type of vaporizing, or pot, burner. Although these burners are used mostly in conjunction with small oil-fired equipment (e.g., kitchen ranges and space heaters), they can also be employed to heat a small house, if outside temperatures do not become too low.