Vaporizing (Pot-Type) Oil Burners

Figures 1-19 and 1-20 show a typical vaporizing (pot-type) oil burner. The fuel oil is vaporized for combustion by heating it from below. The vaporized fuel oil rises vertically where it is burned at the top. The following are the two basic types of vaporizing, or pot, oil burners:

1. The natural-draft pot burner.
2. The forced-draft pot burner.

In the former, the air necessary for combustion is provided by the chimney. The forced-draft pot burner relies on both the chimney and a mechanical device (e.g., a fan) for the air supply.

Sleeve burners (also referred to as perforated sleeve burners) represent a third type of vaporizing, or pot, burner. Although these burners are used mostly in conjunction with small oil-fired equipment (e.g., kitchen ranges and space heaters), they can also be employed to heat a small house, if outside temperatures do not become too low.

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  1. I installed one of these in a convection hot water boiler system in a small house in 1958 to replace the coal-firing grate and ash-pit. The installation was totally successful and the operation flawless. Using kerosene we heated the very old and poorly insulated house (about 1500 sq. ft. on two floors) comfortable through Cincinnati, Ohio winters.

    I consider these burners to be “Einsteinian Machines” (” … as simple as possible, but no simpler.”) and I wonder why they are not offered widely in less developed areas of the U.S. and underdeveloped countries of the world.

  2. I was woundering if I can get a diagram on how to light my siegler stove ..I see this diagram but not much on how to get it running.

    1. Let thin layer of oil in bottom.

      Drip burning alcohol gel fluid onto the fuel.

      Adjust air flow for an hour or so until it is going ok,

      Adjust oil flow.

  3. I’m looking for a universal constant level flow control carburetor for my seigler oil stove. Can you help? Any carburetor will work

  4. I have a antique siegler oil heater that I use to heat my home. When doing yearly maintenance on it one of my burner plate broke. Where can I find replacement for it.

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