Two Stage Fuel Pump

A two-stage pump has two sets of pumping gears. These pumps are used in installations with underground tanks where the combination of lift, horizontal run, fittings, and filters does not exceed the manufacturer’ s rating in inches of vacuum.

A major advantage of a two-stage fuel unit is that all air is eliminated from the oil being delivered to the nozzle. The inlet of the first stage is located above the inlet for the second stage. As a result, any air drawn into the fuel unit after priming is picked up by the first stage and discharged to the tank before it reaches the second stage. Consequently, the second stage draws completely air-free oil.

As the air is being discharged into the tank by the first stage, pressure begins to build up in the second stage, causing the regulating valve to bypass excess oil back into the strainer. These operating principles are illustrated by the circuit diagram in Figure 1-25.