Primary Safety Control Service

The cadmium detection cell is the most effective type of primary safety control used on oil burners. Malfunctions cause primary safety control to build up electrical resistance across the cell until the burner is automatically shut off. As soon as the burner shuts off, a reset button pops up on the burner. The button must be reset (pushed down) to restart the burner.

If the burner does not restart when the reset button is pushed down, do NOT keep resetting the button. Doing so will flood the firebox with oil. If ignition does not take place, the flooded firebox could result in a fire or an explosion.

The primary safety control can be tested by removing the motor lead from the burner and allowing the ignition circuit to be energized. Figures 1-38 and 1-39 illustrate two typical wiring diagrams for primary safety controls.

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