Gas Conversion Burner Combustion Chambers

The combustion chamber for a gas conversion burner is commonly located in the ashpit of a coal-fired boiler or furnace. Figure 2-10 illustrates the positioning of an upshot gas conversion burner. Note that the burner head port is located 1 inch (plus or minus 1?4 in) above the grate level. This is a standard measurement when installing an upshot burner in the ashpit of a furnace.

The manufacturer’ s installation instructions provided with a conversion gas burner generally include specific instructions on the preparation of the combustion chamber. The main points you should remember are as follows:

• All openings in the boiler must be sealed.
• The combustion chamber must be thoroughly cleaned.
• Heat exchanger surfaces must be protected against concentrated heat.
• All nonheat transfer surfaces must be protected.
• The combustion chamber must be designed to contain combustion, to radiate heat, and to insulate the ashpit.