Starting Coal Firing

Generally, the procedure involved in starting a fire in a stokerequipped heating installation includes the following steps:

1. Set the room thermostat above the room temperature.
2. Set the coal feed and air setting to the proper rate.
3. Throw the line switch to the on position so that the stoker starts.
4. Open the hopper lid, and watch the feed screw to make certain that it is turning. Sometimes in shipping or installing the stoker, the feed screw may slip off the shaft on the gear case. Be certain that the feed screw is engaged before putting any coal in the hopper.
5. Fill the hopper with coal.
6. Set the overfire air door on the furnace 1?4 to 1?2 open, and lock in this position.
7. Let the stoker run until the retort (inside the furnace or boiler) is filled with coal.
8. Place a quantity of paper, kindling wood, and a small amount of coal on top of the retort and ignite it.