A.O. Smith 110-310-510 – ERROR CODE 611 [510 (T-D2)], FOUR FLASHES/61 [110 (T-KJR2), 310 (T-K4)] ABNORMAL FAN MOTOR

1) Turn off power supply.
2) Check fan motor wiring for any breakages, burn marks on the PC board, or moisture. If moisture is found, allow connection to completely dry before turning power back on.
3) Check fan housing for water. If found, please dry the fan, then test heater.
4) To remove the fan motor.
a. Turn off the power supply.
b. Move the computer board out of the way.
c. Locate the two Phillips head screws fitted at the top of the fan motor to the combustion chamber box. Two holes are located directly at the bottom of the case that line up with the two screws. Using an 8” screwdriver, remove the screws.
d. Slide the fan out towards the left.
e. If signs of water are evident, water may have damaged the fan motor requiring replacement.
5) If the 611 error code still appears after all items have been checked, the PCB may need replacement