A.O. Smith 110-310-510 – ERROR CODE 031 [510 (T-D2)], ONE FLASH/03 [110 (T-KJR2), 310 (T-K4)] INCORRECT DIPSWITCH SETTINGS

1) Turn off the power supply.
2) Remove front cover and locate the dipswitches on the center of the computer board.
3) Check the dipswitch settings on the left and right banks. Refer to p.19 for the correct dipswitch positions.
a. Gas type is a common dipswitch error.
b. Most other switches should be on default setting UNLESS the particular setup requires otherwise.
c. Easy?Link systems: The master heater shall have the number 10 dipswitch on the right bank in the ON position (left). The remaining heaters (the slave heaters) will have the number 10 dipswitch in the OFF position (right) and the communication wires will be attached to the slave in/out plugs.