A.O. Smith 110-310-510 – CHECK GAS SUPPLY PRESSURE

1) Close the manual gas inlet shut off valve on the gas supply line.
2) Open a faucet. The unit should turn on and the gas in the pipe line should purge.
Leave the faucet on to keep the unit running until it shuts down due to lack of gas, and then shut the faucet off. Ignore any error codes that may occur at this time.
3) Remove the screw for the pressure port located on the gas inlet shown on the right.
4) Connect a manometer to the pressure port.
5) Slowly re?open the manual gas valve. Check to see that there are no gas leaks.
6) Open some of the fixtures that use the highest flow rate to activate.
7) Check the inlet gas pressure. Appropriate pressures are listed in the specification page at the front of this manual.