A.O. Smith BTX-100/GDHE-50 – Gas Valve Failure

The control system has not detected any current through the gas valve after it has been energized.

Turn off power – check all wiring and connectors between the CCB’s J6 Socket (page 35) pins 2 & 15 and the Gas Valve’s solenoid coil. Repair/replace anything worn or damaged as necessary.

Perform close visual inspection of the pins inside the CCB J6 plug and socket – ensure plugs and sockets are mating properly and providing good contact. Repair/replace anything worn or damaged as necessary.

Turn off power – disconnect the Gas Valve wiring plug on top of the Gas Valve solenoid coil. Check Gas Valve solenoid coil resistance with an ohm meter at the solenoid coil terminals. Normal resistance is approximately 7 million ohms. If the Gas Valve solenoid coil is an open circuit – replace the Gas Valve.

Check for 24 VAC at CCB’s J6 Socket pins 2 & 15 during the Ignition Activation operating state (the Gas Valve status icon will be visible on the UIM display during this period.

Call the technical support phone number shown on the water heater labeling for further assistance if the problem has not been corrected after performing the procedures outlined here.