A.O. Smith BTX-100/GDHE-50 – Control System Features

Advanced Diagnostics: Plain english text based diagnostic information (fault messages) on board to help equipment owners accurately describe the reason for a given lock out condition and service technicians quickly and accurately service the water heater.

Fault History Screen: Will retain a 9 event history of fault messages with a time stamp. This will help diagnose load and/or environmental conditions that may be contributing to a problem with operation or a lock-out.

Fault Occurrence Screen: Will keep a running total of how many times each lock out/fault condition has occurred since the water heater was first installed. This is valuable information for a service technician when trying to determine root causes for service problems.

Help Screens: Text based operational information to help the user understand how to change settings, navigate the menu screens and what the various icons and displayed items mean.

EMI / RFI Filtering: Built into all control system circuit boards. (EMI = Electro Magnetic Interference, RFI = Radio Frequency Interference) Helps prevent or eliminate erratic operation caused by EMI/RFI.